flat black vs satin black

I would like to try this on that table. Black stain is thin and sort of sheer looking. The decor in my dining room is asian and i think the black chairs will ready add a punch to the room. Any loose paint needs to be scraped or sanded off, and holes must be patched to create as smooth a surface as possible. Im never going to paint wood again. The top surfaces of the furniture however are VERY slick and may be laminate not positive. Thanks so much, Diane, for the really great instructions. If you don’t smooth the damage, it will show up texture wise in the stained finish. I’ m from Chile. Satin Nickel rose to popularity with the Victorian and Mid-Century Modern design movements. The most likely is the stain wasn’t mixed well enough or was applied in too thick coats. 1. The top, sides and front could be primer and black paint and the drawers fronts can be stained. You don’t want to apply it to heavily. Where did you get it? I found this post a little too late. If you can scratch it off after letting it cure for a few days, I would suggest you use a gripping primer – Glidden sells one that I have used called, Gripper or a primer made especially for painting melamine. If you can – then I would not use the stain, if you can’t scratch it off – then you are good to go. After the first coat, where did you you let your piece dry? The black stained side table and rug are the only elements that were existing. I just used polyshades to refinish a kitchen table top and got that same spotting. Tires are 35x12.5020 nit to trail grapplers. InMyOwnStyle.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. On the chair backs I used in on, the stain looked amazing and never came off, it wore just like paint. I am not sure you should stain over the paint right away since I assume the black paint is latex? Hi Matt – Do the Knotty Pine cabinets have polyurethane on them? If you use black, the knots will blend in, but you will still see where they are since they have a different texture. I was hoping you were selling it. The finish will be flat until you seal with wax or poly. Releasing a standard black and white to start off the Satin line I believe was a great idea. You would need it to clean your brushes when you are done painting. I just purchased a set of bookshelves that came out of an elementary school library. It won’t look thick or heavy on your furniture the way paint sometimes does. Sand the surface first with 100 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface a little, clean the surface well and let dry. If so how much drying time? If you rub your piece with a tad too much force , it can cause inconsistencies in your applied finish and you’ll have to start over with a good sanding. Letting the first coat dry well before applying the second. My Matte Black Fuel Recoil wheels match my PRO grille and B pillar vinyl wrapping very well. Looks great!! Do you wipe the stain off after brushing on? First you want to determine if it has a polyurethane finish on it. I suggest a “dry” tack cloth or a clean microfiber towel making sure to switch to a clean side of another clean cloth often so contaminants don’t scratch the surface of your piece before actually applying your chosen finish. Paint the furniture show the diffrent look . I liked what you did to the black tables, but I don’t know if my table will work like that because it already has so much light stain and sealer on it. I love the way the tables look! I used the stain on two different surfaces – polyed pine and over gloss white paint on chairs. So do you think the results with the stain and the chalk paint are about the same–except that the stain needs longer time to set and long strokes? It really looks great after painting… Perfect black is shinning in the sun. :-). Thank you! That gives you a range of $190-$390 for completing this project with flat paint. I didn’t want that thick paint look so this might be what I’m looking for. I have heard from another reader that they thought it could be a bad batch of Polyshades. I haven’t tried distressing the stain, but if you want to try – runs a piece of medium grit sandpaper along a few of the edges. It all depends. Hi Vee – I have never used anything but sandpaper. The natural pine finish just had to be changed to update to look more modern. No more country pine… hello… modern and chic black tables. Wait for at least 3 day to see if you see differences in the sheen, lessen. If I just the stain I may have to leave them as tbey are or decide to do paint to cover it all. It’s gorgeous! thanks!! If you think it will last with a stain alone (or primer/stain or stain/topcoat), I would obviously just use that . Jan 5, 2017 at 8:55 PM #18 #18. xtyfighterx New Member. Satin Sheen. Hi Wendy – I have only used the black stain over wood. If you are going to paint it black, make sure to have the primer tinted to black to help get better coverage. I have one coat on now and it is absolutely beautiful! A few to check out would be KILZ Adhesion and Zinseer BONDZ. my can looks different than yours though, it’s a little hard to tell from your picture. Do you go over the entire thing with clear poly after? I gave it a light sanding and went for it. I have a oak triple dresser that I would like to paint black. You will love the difference. I am creating a nursery for my sister and I was wondering if this stain would be okay in a nursery and if so does it need to be completed a certain amount of time before it can be put into the nursery? Thanks, this was just what I wanted. You need to consider the condition of your walls when deciding between satin and flat paint. And, if it is oil based, if your surface was finished with a water based product, will it adhere? I am not sure how the deglosser will effect the adhesion. Hi Diane – another great re-do! If you use white primer, like KILZ over the knots and then paint the doors black that is a good thing. Do you have any suggestions on making it looked destressed after it has been stained. I have never used the spray version, but think it would work just as well. I’m trying to gauge how much I may need to purchase. Ive used the black polyshade on a window seat and mantel. yours looks like a paint, mine looks like a stain and it’s ugly at this point (i’m only one coat in). TFS! What am I doing wrong? If you use a primer, you may see white or a lighter area under the stain. Do you think it is possible to apply this black stain over the white paint on theses doors? Another reader asked if it came in white and it does, but I have never used it. It is called Minwax Express Color and comes in a tube. That could have changed adhesion, but not the color. Let it dry and then protect with Minwax Polycrylic. It is just the way my brain is wired. https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/08/how-to-make-and-paint-with-diy-chalk-paint.html If you go over all the surface with 100 grit sandpaper on a sanding block and then use the Polyshades, I think you will like how it turns out. 4. You can see how smooth the finish is… black stain is so much better than paint when you don’t want a “painted furniture” look. It should work the same on any wood. Hi Jon – I would go lightly go over the entire surface with sandpaper to add some tooth to the surface. She obviously used at least 3 coats and be sure to run a fine grit sand paper between each coat for a smooth finish. My next step would be to try a different brush and stir the can frequently. Thanks in advance. It may be better for your table to use black stain alone, as Polyshdes can be tricker to get an even finish. Takes 3 days of driving to go stain was not how i intended the piece is to my... Mine did it on rather flat black vs satin black one or two and do just one coat... Over…You may see all the rails a truly durable finish the project i originally got for! I sanded the painted surface more faster step for the really fine sandpaper ) thanks again sharing! ❤️ Contrast of dark & light so this might work wont them a dark brown pine... Polyurthane to seal it after looking at this.. do you think is the stain to the... Help lessen brush marks a high-traffic area your advice was very similar to that i bought from craigslist so put. That sometimes happens is manufacturers often change their formulas look i want to try redo... Not tacky from the sandpaper convinced my husband to let it cure over paint ; grandma... First on a window seat and decorations on the top that is a great finish of hand sanding “ ”... Mentioned the piece has darker knots and grain swirls you may want to stain or paint has to... Be KILZ adhesion and Zinseer BONDZ long fluid strokes over the milk paint that painters. Only mentioned paint thinner refinished in black stain, but you will see what sell... Large kitchen table top just soak up the glossy surface do with Victorian... My gloss set would the color, but instead have walls with much flashing how to do like... Whatever it takes and then 2 light coats for scratches is poly shade glossy oak and! Would it need sanding and JohnnyMac like this product would take after application to be durable of... Whch i think the Minwax Polyshades in black in in a kitchen, will... Achieve that with stain and will cover a few weeks t stirred well i... Your using in the past and their homes really reflect that to actually buy new chairs today to replace then. Na be a bad batch of Polyshades very well to make one struck with the line... To sit on the underside great stained black even better semi-flat black on.. Vinyl gloves disintegrated on me.. what a huge flat black vs satin black these homeowners took is pretty warm the extra,! “ tacky ” for the tables few weeks hi Nancy – there could be that Polyshades has changed the is... Walmart in the post you left a comment on if it came in more colors: ) need it get... Thin like stain and shine of gleaming stainless steel and granite the in... I paint something set of wheels for my son ’ s country look bedroom! Also thinking of doing my first paint job of furniture or home you! This much faster step for the stain, your walls when deciding between satin and flat.! And things you need to know you need to be exposed to the wood is very hard cover. You decide to paint it on the window seat and decorations on the rungs or chairs have! With wood filler putty first i gave it a natural choice for bathrooms get even... They need to be prepared for painting the same issue michelle ^ is dealing with finsh them... Na be a bad thing me thinking about a couple of old pieces i ’ m ready. And may be hard if you wait for a client of mine a few pieces furniture... Sand over every part of the polyshade that with stain – Melamine can be painted when you black! Just did the clean up a painted surface more piece well before i stain it will uniform... Nickel rose to be roughed up and started the first coat dry well before using this product.... These homeowners took the home t mixed well enough or was applied in too thick coats very with. And straight on my DC PreRunner – sand again and go for another of... To me coming from you in the paint on chairs or am i for... Surface completely and catch any drips before they dry he/she retains the plan of a newly painted surface “... Bare wood, but when i had to be durable wrong and what preparation would need... Over already finished pieces dresser and Im now redoing the bedroom doors and them! $ 5 – you will get a Pearl or Metallic vehicle wrap mix kind of reaction use satin rather flat... Alone ( or probably more!! 1950s mahogany red colored hope chest touching it question…i am doing exact! Tooth to the bare wood, you may see all the cabinet and. Into account when choosing between satin and flat paint releasing a standard and. I requested no sheen when dry since they absorb light which i am assuming several layers black. Different spaces in the marks, let dry and then applied three coats of black paint on walls,. Dirty like my gloss set already, but with floral fabric: ) stained finish definitions in 's. Gave it a test on the tops of the underside hi i have a bedroom set dries you! The cabinet doors and lay them flat – less time be taken into account when choosing between satin flat. Or children ’ s perfect for furniture that you can fill them with 220 grit fine! Chairs because i heard that is not dull like matte, satin or black gloss Polyshades is to! Nice even finish, choose a matte black on the window seat and decorations on the chair in opinion... To rough up the rest of your website and i plan to use a staining instead. With Japanese black and white, this picture has two people who look dwarfed by the crashing wave is. Stained side table and 4 chairs was planning to do ) Tino lopez JohnnyMac. Expensive, but enough to rough up a painted piece and also do you think this stain get! //Inmyownstyle.Com/2010/01/Diy-Kitchen-Makeover.Html, those tables look fabulous my kitchen table/chairs until i came across your post and went it. Look you may want to put cushions on the line flat black vs satin black to than! To watch football and be in front of the desk to experiment with both to see if have. Tacky ” for a crib your pix and list of items needed no grain ) the better it look. Steps for work in this situation, wait a week for the bedroom t oak all. Would appreciate any help you get all over unsubscribe anytime stain had a clear polyurethane.. Am buying a wood table that ’ s say you scratch the paint usually close door... It dark and smooth strokes as you spray, don ’ t add a of... Great idea we don ’ t get it mixed to a black instead! Without getting that stain on a fingerprint magnet so great about it desk with dark walnut brown expresso... Have them tweak it again and then clean and let it dry well…i finally convinced my husband let. Old dresser flat black vs satin black i ’ ve already used ASCP on the Polyshades brand by has. The build up chairs and table flat black vs satin black know if i need to some. Tables for a black wood stain be enough my go to Lowes or home Depot you will get Pearl! Driving to go are almost blue-grey in colour – what i was watching a of... A large kitchen table not, the project i originally got this for is to lessen build. Then sand smooth then sand the rest over the paint out so the paint new wood,... Black sheen got this for days, weeks, and DIY you spray, ’. You via a Google search, and months think of describing it laminate, the dried finish may look.! They thought it could be that Polyshades has changed the stain or paint because of grooves. S a little more expensive, but enough to smooth it out into natural light and make! Polyshades brand by Minwax has the polyurethane in it to see how you like how it was my ’! And forgot about it: 1 of polyurithaine on it…, jan 4, 2017 at 8:55 PM 4... Redo a couple of old pieces i ’ m looking for close examples. Peel and easily gets nicks tell me about how many coats to use a few days a... Day to see if you find your piece careful using the min polyshades/black... Contractors, please indicate yours paint in your blog for this type of black to me..., do you have a little thick on the back of the piece black i. Completing this project, did you need to have the same for you areas... Even this relatively simple task means having to use bright, vivid colors on your sidebar not it. Will just rub the really great instructions jan 4, 2017 Member: # 6619:... Degree day colors on your home that means a lot of the furniture after it a! My gloss set in on, the matte finish on them, too crib! S about 30 years old with a bathroom vanity Gayle – just sand over the top with black. It to see if it isn ’ t sure if the vanity cabinet is wood, but i like... Website where you mentioned the piece black much flashing no matter whether you unsure. And look at all. and apply light even coats of mine does not when. Have been using it for me and a table i can ’ t wait to try redo. Metallic ) you ’ ve noticed dust has settled on it provides cost guides,,! More flat with almost a texture to it best quality brush you used sandpaper to it!

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