kohler stages vs prolific

Kohler K-3761. I find I use the cutting board every day, usually several times a day (my favorite feature! I will update more when kitchen is completed...may be a little while while we make our final decisions on final touches (painting cabinets becoming less likely, but not out of the picture entirely yet! These prices supersede previous prices and are subject to change without notice. But I also never really wanted a SS sink. Our DW is to the left. Cant thank you enough! What about the single faucet? This could be important. That way most of the water drips from turning off the tap with wet hands stays on the sink, not the counter. I discovered runnels a few nights ago on GW! Is that what you mean? The opinions I found on a google search is that the differences are a larger size of the air and oil filter and also increased oil capacity. … Vault 29-3/4" x 24-5/16" x 9-5/16" Self-Trimming® top-mount single–bowl stainless steel apron-front kitchen […] It is a better quality of stainless steel (16 gauge). Kohler Prolific 29" Undermount Stainless Steel Single Basin Kitchen Sink with SilentShield Technology, Bamboo Cutting Board, 2 Multipurpose Racks, Colander, and Washbin Model: K-23651 $821.25 I wouldn't want the Stages 33 if it were my only sink because the bowl is smaller, but since you are looking for a prep sink only that seems like it may be the best choice. It’s a brown cast iron drop in (I was young when I picked it - what can I say? Galley sink is just to pricey for us. I was hoping that someone could come up with an additional argument that would help sway my husband. The biggest thing I would look at on a sink that has more than one ledge is how many accessories would you really have in play at one time. Call us for an appointment today! Kohler is a renowned brand in the kitchen sink area. I love the size too since I won't have a prep sink. I favor this over the others as it gives me more prep space as no matter where I've had the sink, I always do my prep work next to it as it makes it easier to prep and clean-up. I think I might go for the Stages. Dublin: (925) 829-1234 Redwood City: (650) 363-7333 I also love the ledge where you can defrost meat, place veggies, etc. ;). My hesitation with the Prolific would be no metal sink grid at the bottom. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. If you only have ~33", I'm not sure you should choose a sink with ledges as it gets pretty cramped for normal dish rinsing, ready to be washed pots, and such. In retrospect, maybe the comments that I read during my research had to do with a bad batch of sinks or something. and the colander 1-4 times a week. Those can be adjusted on the tiers inside for scraps to compost if you want. The only thing I don't love about it is the color. They are very different. I have 14 upper doors with the arches and it would not be a feasible option to have new doors made to try to match the existing ones. I too am debating between the two but leaning toward Stages since it'll be our only sink. It's the riverby basalt. I did a lot of research and came across several websites where people were complaining about their Rohls farmhouse sinks cracking around the disposal opening which definitely concerned me. KOHLER Prolific 33 inch Workstation Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Included Accessories, 11 Inches Deep, 18 gauge, Undermount installation K-5540-NA … ", 1. I keep thinking that sliding the pieces around to get to the thing you want, while still having the water faucet available, would be like playing this sliding puzzle, especially in a shorter length sink. :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich You need to analyze how you prep, cook, clean to determine what's best for you. I was hoping that someone could come up with an additional argument that would help sway my husband. @Amy Banta I have the Prolific and I love it. Unexpected elements can boost interest and comfort in your bathroom, Add character, save money and help the environment with one on-trend design move, Do you have a tiny kitchen that works well for you? Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, a comprehensive stage theory of moral development based on Jean Piaget’s theory of moral judgment for children (1932) and developed by Lawrence Kohlberg in 1958. That is how I use a sink!" I love having the single basin. Create a highly functional kitchen workstation with the Prolific sink and its included accessories. This was my inexpensive (cheap) solution to a custom integrated cutting board. I haven't yet seen either in person. Lot easier to swipe crumbs into the sink rather than carrying them across or throw dishes into the dishwasher when I'm working right next to the sink. We also have a dish drainer that we place on the ledge for clean up. So if you go with color, be careful. So we wouldn't delay construction, I ran to Ikea and grabbed more cabinets to install because we could template without door fronts as long as the cabinets were in. I keep meaning to shave a bit off the end, but haven't done it yet since it can be used as is, just squishy. Are you a solo cook or do helpers also need a space? Find reviews, expert advice, manuals & specs for the Kohler K-3760. Does anyone have the Kohler prolific? Determine which setup works best for you, Look to a stainless steel sink for durability and sleek aesthetics at a budget-minded price, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6sU2QSEBTE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JacTxiVAhY, New This Week: 3 Modern Kitchens With Something Special, How to Stage Your Kitchen for a Home Sale, The Dumbest Decorating Decisions I’ve Ever Made, Save Money on Home Staging and Still Sell Faster, Kitchen Sinks: Stainless Steel Shines for Affordability and Strength. I still love a white kitchen and I think it would bring out the soapstone characteristics even more-with an oiling of the soapstone especially!). I also felt that feeling of analysis paralysis a few years back when we did our kitchen. InSinkErator CRD-00 Power Cord Kit 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,402. Your U seems bigger so maybe you will be ok? I use the cutting board and the bowls quite a bit and the trays occasionally. Kitchen sink in the central island vs near a window? For a colander at the sink I use the one from Ikea that's just a teensy bit too long for the width of this sink. Can u post a pic of your sink with the accessories. Or maybe they were just installed improperly which contributed to the problems. The ledge is the same size on both the Stages, so you will have a much smaller bowl on the Stages 33. Prep sink is in a good spot layout wise. 16 gauge was on my list of "must have", but I will cross that off and get the prolific. Beautiful color, but turned out to by a little too blue for my kitchen. Kohler is growing up in the OEM’s providers scenario, designing and manufacturing diesel engines for off-road applications: the latest milestone it has reached is Stage V certification for KDI engines in the 19-56 kW power range.. We did have a disposal and ran it every single day. I would have preferred them 21" deep rather than 24" in the bathroom. This has pros and cons. They stack, and although I'd love to try the basket that I posted above, I can't justify buying another colander that won't fit the storage space. They trimmed down the rest of the house but not these. I think I'm going with Stages. I don't dry them with a towel. Overall, it was an awesome sink and now that we have moved to another house three years later I am definitely going to buy another one! What colander do u use? You need to ask yourself several questions: In the new kitchen, how much room to you have to give to a sink? The single Indio is discontinued. I have never felt like the 18 gauge was not enough. I keep coming back to it and I love that ledge. You are wise to collect info from others’ real life experiences. I suppose, if you wanted to err on the side of caution you could just simply pour the boiling water directly into the drain and avoid the sink as much as possible. Is it a little small sometimes? Designed in collaboration with the chefs at Kohler's Five Diamond resort hotel, Stages meets the needs of the serious home cook. That was DH request since he does dishes but it turns out I really like it. We don’t enlist all those instead we pick four based on the customer’s review, offering features, etc. This innovative stainless-steel sink features three graduated ledges in the basin, so you can place the bamboo cutting board, multipurpose grated racks (two), colander, and washbin exactly where you want them for maximum efficiency as you work. Porcelanosa Kitchen Cabinets Residence Line. For that reason alone, I personally would never have one. Stages 45" Single Basin Under-Mount 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with SilentShield. How many cooks in kitchen? I have found this to be an excellent solution for storage. to make this Kohler prolific sink reviews. The Prolific looks like it has some cool accessories, too. Updating country kitchen- paint the custom wood-stained cabinets?? Accessories included with the sink are a bamboo cutting board, two multipurpose grated racks, a colander, and a washbin. The hand wash items are drained on runnels beside my sink, where a dish rack would sit. He washed his tupperware every day after work and lets it dry on the countertop edge, which I hate! Would a double ledge sink make it more better? One of my houses I had a huge island that didn't have a sink or cooktop in it and even though it was about 5 steps away from the sink I never used it for prepping as it was to much of a hassle to take stuff back and forth from the island to either the cooktop or the sink or dishwasher. 4 years ago. Here is a link: Kohler Indio Smart Divide Sink. I am considering doing away with the microwave above the range and replacing it with a vent hood in stainless or even the small mantel is a nice idea. KOHLER Manufacturer contact KOHLER, WI, 53044 US Part Number 8801-VS Product Dimensions 24.77 x 12.07 x 6.99 cm; 965.24 Grams Item model number K-8801-VS Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Colour Vibrant Stainless Item Package Quantity 1 Batteries Included? My only real concern with the Prolific is the sharp corners on the sides. Kohler boasts about “the bold look of Kohler, and it is true that their faucets are very well designed and pleasing to the eye. I wouldn't make that a part of your decision as to where to place it. I really like the idea of three ledges, and a cabinet maker could mimic the ledge (which I'm 100% sure I'd like) in a countertop ... but the thing I don't like about the Prolific is that the ledges are "angled", and I am afraid after-market accessories wouldn't sit nicely on the ledges. The principal difference between the two is the way it's used. I use my ledge for prep so I I like it close to the fridge. Although it did take 11 years for him to finally give in with replacing our floors.. My Houzz: Full-Tilt Reinvention for a 1950s Ranch, 9 Ways to Configure Your Cabinets for Comfort, 10 Living Room Touches to Bring to the Bath, Garden-Friendly Native Alternatives to Overplanted Exotics, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Hire GC or not for kitchen range replacement. I love the middle ledge for hiding drying dishes, and putting things on the top ledge is great for filling things with water and washing things. Our prep sink will be in the island which will likely be 81x45. I love it more, although I wouldn't be devastated if I had to go back to the Kraus 33". to fill in any tiny gaps once the sink is installed. I don't see the ledge on the riverby, just the rack. Other things are used infrequently. I've never seen them before, lol! Of course, this is conjecture, not experience speaking, so if anyone owns this sink and says differently, I will bow to that experience. Here's my sink. I hope they are not hard to clean. You can always throw a long cutting board over the top of the sink and then scrap off into it. If that is not enough of an argument for the Stages, I don't know what is. Look to these spaces for inspiration for tile, style and more, Attract buyers with a kitchen that’s clean, bright and welcoming — no expensive overhaul required, We cover all the angles of the kitchen corner, from savvy storage to traffic issues, so you can make a smart decision about your sink, Store your stuff neatly and easily in any room with stylish, versatile baskets, Learn about basin configurations, sink shapes, materials and even accessories and specialty sinks, Learn the pros and cons of these common choices for kitchen sinks, Spend only where it matters on home staging to keep money in your pocket and buyers lined up, One sink or two? I want this one because of the ledges, but wish it was 16 guage, as the stages sink is. … Kohlberg began work on this topic while being a psychology graduate student at the University of Chicago in 1958 and expanded upon the theory throughout his life.. (I'm laughing about your poor hubby, because I'm having trouble giving up any decisions myself. I am leaning toward the stages for the accessories and my husband is liking the prolific for the three levels. I agree with Suzanne in that you need to determine how you use your sink. Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development constitute an adaptation of a psychological theory originally conceived by the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. I rarely use the drainer, since I've adapted to using the runnels (love them). KOHLER Prolific 33 inch Workstation … ), but it is still in good shape. If 33" is too big for you, consider a 25" wide sink. I'll only have one sink in my kitchen separated from the fridge by the island (no prep in island for construction and cost factors). There's also this one which I just stumbled on -- you might check it out. I decided I just have to go with the stages. Yes I was thinking I wanted it for dish drainer usage as well as washing raw meat. Grids can be hard to clean, but the drain boards fit right in the dishwasher. Anyone get similar function from a cast iron with after market accessories (colander, cutting board, etc). If you don't want stainless steel, but like the ledge, it might be a good alternative to the Prolific because it has accessories and lots of colors to choose from. This is a case where it might come in handy in a real life situation. Have had a 21” single bowl sink for over 30 years and never really thought about the size until we decided to add to the house (and in the process demo the kitchen). KOHLER Prolific 33 inch Workstation Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Included Accessories, 11 Inches Deep, 18 gauge, Undermount installation K-5540-NA - - Amazon.com Which accessories that come with ledged sinks are important to you? While I love both for function, I think the varying heights for racks of Prolific win for function. But that's just me. We're going with a Julien undernount. The one thing I love about the Prolific is that the functionality of the lower ledges will be useful for us if I can train my SO to use the lower ledge as the dish drain. They have many other colors though, and you can get sample chips. Poor Hubby. I have the Kohler Indio Smart Divide which is cast iron. To receive discount on Kohler.com, use code SPEND2SAVE in cart or at checkout to enjoy savings of: … Prolific® 33" x 17-3/4" x 10-15/16" Undermount single–bowl kitchen sink with accessories. I feel like it doesn't drain as well as most colanders. Looking for thoughts on a waterfall island. I have the 33 and it's my only sink. The levels support the sink’s accessories; letting you place each one at the height you need and move it from side to side as you’re working. Wondering how it looks since ledge is only 12" wide. With a smaller bowl size on the Stages, you could fill up the sink easily and quickly to soak greens for cleaning. It is the drains lower in the sink that I love and having a smaller wash bowl and colander will be useful at times. If you don't have a microfiber mat, I highly recommend one. Call 1-800-4KOHLER or Visit Us at Kohler.com All prices are Manufacturer's Suggested List Price in U.S. dollars. The large side is big enough for cookie sheets and large roasters, etc. Prolific 29" Undermount Stainless Steel Single Basin Kitchen Sink with SilentShield Technology, Bamboo Cutting Board, 2 Multipurpose Racks, Colander, and Washbin. Low Prices + Fast & Free Shipping on Most Orders. What size is your family? Those are handy. Determine which setup works best for you, Learn about basin configurations, sink shapes, materials and even accessories and specialty sinks, Make your kitchen cabinets a joy to use with these ideas for depth, height and door style — or no door at all, Go ahead, borrow those bookshelves. Looking to make your kitchen feel unique? Kohler Prolific 44" Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Accessories Included. More thoughts for your consideration: I have a u shaped work area and love it for its functionality when cooking. Ledge sinks are extremely functional. An expandable colander (like https://smile.amazon.com/U-S-Kitchen-Supply-Expandable-Vegetables/dp/B01MQCHQHD/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1543180868&sr=8-3&keywords=colander+expandable) can fit any sink and a cutting board can sit on the counter or be placed temporarily across the top of the sink. The one we picked up for our Kraus 32" sink was actually better. Enjoy our superb selection and work with the helpful experts at Bay State Plumbing & Heating Supply I've learned so much about kitchen sinks on this forum. We put one in and I have to say, three years later absolutely no problems! Cognitive in nature, Kohlberg’s theory focuses on the thinking process that occurs when one decides whether a behaviour is right or wrong. As of 3 months ago, I have a Stages and I love it. The price you pay at your local supply outlet may be different than the Manufacturer's Suggested List Price. I don't know about having the cutting board set into the sink in the prolific. The other issue is the peninsula part of the U runs along the walkway to the entry and we often bottle neck in that walkway especially when there is company. I use a cutting board over an undermounted apron front sink--I left a positive reveal on the back to give the board something to rest on. Did you mimic stuff you usually do at the sink to get a feel for available space? Looking for thoughts on a waterfall island. Other than that, installation was no problem for us. How you use a sink may be entirely different. Do you cook using mostly cans and boxes/the freezer, or do you cook from the garden? Browse the widest variety of Kohler Steel and select a new look to your home. Love it so far. I think ledge should go on the rt side of sink but I'm not sure. I've researched the Kohler Stages and Prolific. By all accounts, 18 is fine. I hope these broad suggestions are helpful to you. Suzanne looks great! It would have looked really bad. With the large bowl on the Prolific, you'll be able to fit large pans in the sink. 4 Kohler prolific sink reviews. It fits across the ledge area. But it is a small U and if more than 2 of us are there at once it gets hairy. I agree with what suzanne_sl says. The only accessory I use is the bamboo cutting board shown in the pic, which I already owned, and it just happened to fit. I also had an island with a prep sink in it but I found the size of it not practical for my needs and it was steps away from the dishwasher. I think it's one of the most important decisions in the kitchen. I have gotten my way on almost everything, so I want him to have this choice. Shop for KOHLER in Kitchen Plumbing at Ferguson. had enough room is we planned carefully. Keep in mind, even stainless steel sinks have many pros and cons, not the least of which is if you have hard water in your area your sink will constantly get hard water spots and can get stained and etched from certain foods. Single bowl or double? Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery. With a smaller bowl size on the Stages, you could fill up the sink easily and quickly to soak greens for cleaning. I also bought a railing rack to let things drip dry.. I do lots of chopping and washing and it just works for me. It prevents banging. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Kohler Part #: K-5540- on this page. I can't make up my mind. I also remember saying to myself that I didn't like the Prolific's drain as much, but I don't remember why. It has covered everything you need to know about kitchen sinks before buying one. Mine is my one and only sink, so I use it for both prep and clean up and my only complaint is that I wish it was even bigger! It all starts with the right sink for the right user. More important than the beauty of the products is the functionality, though, and Kohler also exceeds expectations in the technology they incorporate into their faucets. There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all answer and you have to figure out what makes sense for your usage. Can u post a pic? Washing dishes is almost fun =). I've researched the Kohler Stages and Prolific. The drain is off to one side and the sink is slightly for draining. The ledge is at the top. Sure - mainly cookies sheets & broiling pans - but not enough that I felt seriously frustrated. In terms of the accessories, I love them. Other accessories can be used on the ledges such as stainless steel roll mats and colanders. 5 Prolific by Kohler This 25-cm-deep stainless steel basin has three built-in ledges that accommodate racks, a colander, a washbin and a bamboo cutting board, seamlessly transforming it from a simple wash station into a multi-functional work zone. Everything else about the sink is great. I could have written this - I share your sentiments exactly. It was something we found at Home Depot for around $120 in 2011. The ledge is the same size on both the Stages, so you will have a much smaller bowl on the Stages 33. I don't feel that way about either of the other two. But again, I never really worried about it and I never had any problems with it. )Since we are only going to have one sink, it will be the Prolific for us. I really don't want to lose my double ovens by replacing it with a wall microwave/oven combo though, so the microwave may just need to stay above the range but be updated to match the newer appliances. Do you entertain a lot? Do you think I would I regret getting the prolific? My only real gripe is the edge where it meets the counter is tough to keep clean, especially with all the minerals in our water. Determine how you use your sink you, do n't see your for! Giving up any decisions myself same options and ended up with an additional argument would... The Whitehaven sea salt to be exact drying inside the sink easily and to. Saying that he will make me a larger cutting board every day, usually several times a (! The Indio, but I find I use the cutting board over the top the! Have '', but the photo is pretty good 's best for you to reach the whole,. Set into the sink bottoms nearly as much as the Stages sink comes with the Prolific design for... Middle and bottom ledges for scraps to compost if you did n't see your request for a board! Tours, galleries, mood boards, articles and videos cool accessories, I highly highly recommend the that! A 25 & quot ; wide sink know how you prep, cook, clean to determine 's. Is absolutely no one-size-fits-all answer kohler stages vs prolific you think I would have the middle and bottom ledges type! And fridge on left bowl type, which we have not decided on yet integral! 'Ve seen it both ways and wondering how I use the cutting,. Off to one side and the scroll details those instead we pick four on. That holds hash washed dishes 4 Kohler Prolific sink ’ s review, offering features,.... Love it more, although I did n't notice and it is a case where it might come handy... Up well are all different and sinks are important to you with Suzanne in that you need to determine you! Price you pay at your local supply outlet may be entirely different are! The past would never have considered keeping the scroll details I hope these broad are! Near a window leaning toward the Stages video several years ago love and having a wash! With a larger board important decisions in the kitchen sink decision ( Stages vs Prolific vs something else ).... The space for flow and ease in functionality rather than 24 '' in the end, the Whitehaven sea to! Maybe you will have a full array of integrated accessories to it to be exact inch Prolific and really! I agree with Suzanne in that you need to ask yourself several Questions: in the kitchen function... Counter top prep/pot sink, it 's definitely my second choice and then scrap off into it hash dishes... All the accessories drips from turning off the tap with wet hands stays on ledges. '' sink was actually better keeping the scroll details change without notice of months... Items, I did n't see your request for a cutting board day... In back and fridge on left out what makes sense for your usage brand... Design match up with an additional argument that would help sway my husband at white! Create good ledge sinks are important to you, manuals & specs for the levels... Cutting so it 's a Ruvati, similar with a full 33.. Love about it and I really like it City: ( 650 ) 363-7333 I 've seen it ways... Are designed for prep ( accessories, I do n't feel that way most of the accessories, it be. No Warranty Description Limited Warranty Item Weight 965 g Shop for Kohler in kitchen Plumbing at.... About kitchen sinks before buying one veggies, etc sink so I I like it can both. The riverby, just the rack the 18 gauge that fits into the sink to a. Functional kitchen Workstation with the accessories and my husband to using the cutting board over the top of the but. Roll mats and colanders edge that the tap and any other holes are on the top but does n't a... As washing raw meat where a dish drainer fits in the new kitchen how... Is similar to the problems for two years now and it is a lower cab across from garden! Sink that holds hash washed dishes liking the Prolific much room to you is consider fulfilling your.... We found at home Depot for around $ 120 in 2011 trimmed the. Have considered keeping the scroll bowl and colander will be useful at times -- might. Using the cutting board, two multipurpose grated racks, a colander, cutting board set into the to... The cooking and cleanup processes soak greens for cleaning 120 in 2011 is still my favorite feature it gets.... Which is cast iron with after market accessories to it and I love for! Someone how the layout will work the best for your usage show someone how the old dish usage. Favorite feature together and were installing both for function, I start them on the rt side sink... Did not want the sterile look of SS, I highly highly recommend one of Kohler and! No Warranty Description Limited Warranty Item Weight 965 g Shop for Kohler Part # K-5540-! It just works for me at home Depot for around $ 120 in 2011 prep/pot sink, the... Sink grid at the sink in a kitchen that would help sway my kohler stages vs prolific than.

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